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    Unexpected delays

    Good morning everyone!

    When I imagined the release of my book, I hoped for as little complications as possible. Obviously releasing a book during a pandemic comes with its own unique challenges. I had hoped to meet the deadlines with IngramSparks in order to avoid the printing/courier delays that have hit the publishing world. One that indie isn’t missing out on. Unfortunately, due to mostly inexperience on my part with dealing with Ingram, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that those books will be delivered prior to release date.

    What does this mean? Essentially, my plan at this stage is to bring the release date in sooner (exciting, I know) and make use of Amazon’s option to buy author copies (books at cost print price). Amazon doesn’t permit me to pre-order advanced copies like Ingram, which was why I hadn’t used them for that. The files are already accepted with Amazon, so upon release day the books will be ordered. As soon as Ingram is ready, I’ll order from them as well. This just means I’ll have two sources bringing in copies to be signed, and whatever arrives first I will sign, package and send.

    For those that have pre-ordered the e-book, enjoy the early release date. Expecting the 9th or 10th of Dec now, perhaps even sooner. We shall see 😉

    Not quite the plan I had in mind, nor the greatest marketing strategy. Take notes, future authors! Don’t be me! But as frustrated (again, at myself) as I am, and a little disheartened, I push onwards. There are at least two books to release next year alone; The Queen of Blood and Fury (book 2); and A Song of Death (book 1 of a sapphic paranormal romance).