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A Saga of Demons and Dragons


When a remote mountain village is attacked, it sets off a chain reaction that will change the course of history…



After tragedy strikes, climber leader, Wren, must strike out on a desperate rescue mission across a kingdom on the cusp of rebellion. By her side, a mysterious ally whose secrets will change the course of her life forever.



Haunted by a past he cannot escape, Lorca will gamble it all on a stranger whose wild eyes and secrets ensnare him. For with her, he may just find all he seeks…or watch as it all burns around him once again.



For her whole life, Sorcha has been hidden away, burdened by ancient magic…and a future that looms like a coming storm. But the time has come for her to claim her destiny, no matter the price.


Worlds will collide in a struggle for power, hope and betrayal.


For the path of revenge is steeped in blood and darkness.


War has come to the City of Slaves.


As Nimue grapples with her new reality, she is forced to confront the secrets of her past and the uncertainty of her future. The time of hiding her identity has passed, but stepping into the light is fraught with peril, especially for one forged of darkness.


Across the Alomiran Sea, Flynn’s dangerous origins are revealed, but at a price. In a series of trials, he is tested more than ever before. Now Flynn must answer the question: How far will he go to save those he loves?


Sybilla has claimed the city prized by the Empress, but keeping it will be a bitter and bloody battle. Stalked by enemies on all sides, betrayal is never far away. To survive, she must forge her path in blood and power—or die trying.

Chaos is coming…and death is close behind.