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    The race to the finish line

    Greetings readers!

    It’s been a crazy few weeks as I add the last few touches to The Girl of Ash and Snow before I pass it to my formatter. I can’t believe how quickly everything is happening and how fast the final dates are approaching.  Here is the timeline that I am currently working with but it may change depending on a few things with Amazon/Ingram sparks.


    1. 31st October 2021 Pre-order available
    2. 30th Nov final copy proofread and uploaded to distributers
    3. 14th December launch day!


    I am still trying to pin down a printing press to create the bookmarks…without having to order 1000 off the bat. I’ve got the 2×6” design already done but few Australian companies seem to be able to do it, or have large minimum orders for custom jobs. It does put me in a bit of a bind but have no fear! I am determined and have a few ideas up my sleeves.


    I am hoping not to have so much issue with the mugs that will be made for the book. Just waiting on the designer for the final image. There will also be some A5 portraits of characters available too. Now, most of the merchandise will be available for individual purchase outside of the launch box, which will include everything. Keep your eye on the store for those!


    Still lots of little things to finalize but I had a good chance to nut through a couple of them. I got to spend some time in sunny Manly in Sydney, Australia, whilst my car was being serviced. My earbuds were dead, so didn’t have much chance to write. However, I got lots of walking done, which gave me the time to mentally work through some scenes and hash out some plot details for book 2. You would be surprised with how handy just going for a walk as a writer can be sometimes.


    Can’t wait to release more info for this book shortly! Keep your eyes on this website and remember to subscribe for regular updates, promotions and giveaways!


    All the love,

    C.M. Quinn

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    Hello world!


    Greetings to everyone who has come to this website! Hopefully, all the bugs will be worked out soon (and I will be somewhat capable of working on a website). But if you’ve made it this far, here is a little bit about my story, where everything is at currently and what’s next.


    I began writing way back when I was fourteen, fresh in high school. I’d always had a love of reading, so dipping my toes into writing seemed a natural step forward. Luckily, I had a little encouragement from a close friend of mine, and from there, a spark was lit. For the next ten years, I wrote voraciously, posting heavily on Wattpad for several years with varying degrees of success. In time, however, I felt burned out, and took a pause from writing (well, that’s what I told myself at times). For a little while, I wrote short stories but with no direction in mind. I ended up on a site called Penana, a much younger site with a smaller base and the best decision I made.


    The site offered competitions created by other users. I was able to put my work out again and receive a little feedback. It was on this site that I first drafted a good chunk of The Girl of Ash and Snow, along with some other works which may also appear in the future. But, after 18 months from Wattpad, I inevitably found myself back and experiencing the community forums. There I forged connections, made friends and began to receive decent momentum for The Girl. Then Wattpad did the dirty…and got rid of the forums. Cut off from a lot of networking options, I was lost, adrift and uncertain once more. Then a friend I’d met invited me to a Discord server…and there my journey began to take off.


    I finished the draft of The Girl, had it ripped apart, went back to the drawing board and spent months working on it. After rounds of editing, tears and focus, the story began to look like something work showing to the world (in a professional sense). I toyed with querying it for traditional publishing but ultimately made the decision to self-publish.


    More editing and finally a professional editor entered the picture. Art has now been commissioned for merchandise which will be included in the Launch Box (stay tuned for more info!). I am still considering a final date but in light of the Christmas rush, the date of release for my debut novel will likely be mid-January now.

    Am I working on other projects? Yes! I have zero self-control with focusing on just one project! Will I divulge any info? No… I’ve rewritten this one several times and its still very early stages. All I can say for the future is, I’m waiting on the last few art pieces to be delivered and the merchandise to be delivered. A lot of the merch is coming in massive bulk orders, so there will be the option to buy these separately from the launch box.


    Well, I think that covers it for now but stay tuned! Much love,


    C.M Quinn