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    Mid-year update



    What a dizzying six months it has been! I write this 200km from my usual abode by the coast, enjoying a relaxing weekend with visiting family from interstate as we stay with other relatives. It’s chaos but no complaints from me.

    The first half of the year was crammed with settling into a new home, madly editing and preparing two books to be sent off for professional edits, and to my formatter. Once that was finally done, I was off to drafting once more! And in the typical fashion of my chaos, I’ve decided to maybe take on a third project. As it stands, that one is definitely slower progress, and no updates for that one.

    As for book 3 of A Saga of Demons and Dragons, that word count is currently at 37k, with a predicted count of 200k+. So lots more to write! The sequel to A Song of Death is on its way, albeit at a much slower pace for the moment at 10k. I wish I could write more than I am at the moment. As I am busy studying for a new job for the next few months, I really have to knuckle down to get that sorted. I am still trying to write at every available chance.

    What does this mean for 2023 release schedules? Book 3 probably won’t release until October at the earliest, or hopefully no later than December. The sequel to A Song of Death will likely release earlier in the second half of the year, purely because I expect that to have a smaller word count.

    Back to this year!

    The Queen of Blood and Fury is officially available for preorder with Amazon for ebook. The paperback might be available for preorder on my site (work schedule pending as I may be away for release).

    A Song of Death is about to be returned to me from my editor. From there, I will launch straight into Atticus and madly format it. Hoping that means I will be able to put that onto Amazon for preorder within the next few weeks. I will have a final release date locked in by that time.

    I have also updated the website to reflect the trigger warnings for The Queen of Blood and Fury, and made a few minor updates across the website. Because I am a silly chook who left it gather some cobwebs in the chaos of my life.

    I leave you here for the moment. I’m about to head off for some horse riding and a little bit more relaxing. Do not fear, I will also be tapping away a little today and try to get some work done on both drafts. Might need to hide away as I am expecting to write some rather emotional scenes.

    R.I.P my heart.

    All the love,

    C.M. Quinn