The Dragon of Empires and Souls


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Chaos will rise. Danomir will fall.

The Queen

Haunted by her fateful decision and worsening condition, Nimue is thrust into a desperate race for survival. Accompanied by the prince she nearly destroyed, her heart—and soul—will be tested unlike ever before.

The General

Tasked with a dangerous rescue mission, Titania must battle her demons and shield those she loves from the horror of war. Destiny, however, has other plans and it has been hidden long enough.

The Heir

Faced with an uphill battle for allies and victory, the path forward has never looked so uncertain for Sybilla. Someone—or something—is calling her, but answering it might just destroy her.

The Goddess

Forced to accept a power that threatens to consume her every day, Ellie must undertake a perilous journey with Nora. The past may offer them answers in their quest, but it might all be too late as Mirena’s dark influence claims the land.

Ancient betrayals and secrets come to light as realms collide in a bloody war.

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